About The Little Crafty Cottage

Welcome to The Little Crafty Cottage!


This is my little tale of how the company has evolved over the years to become what you see today!


I spent many years in the childcare industry as a private nanny, nursery school teacher and a matron in a boy's pre-prep school, yes really! Sadly I spent more and more time doing admin and other such activities which took me away from the children and the structure of nurseries changed from the carefree 'let's go to nursery to play and have fun' to 'they must learn and have a more discipline day' so, I left as I wasn't having fun any more! 

I have always loved art and in my twenties decided to broaden my crafty horizons so I bought my first cross stitch kit, a huge carousel horse that had every conceivable stitch on it, I don't like to start easy! 28 years later and it's still not finished but it led to a love of cross stitch and I eventually designed some cross stitch for well known magazines before opening my own business, Fat Cat Cross Stitch. This was very successful for a number of years but again it became more about making up kits than designing and crafting, once again I was not having fun!

By now I had developed a love for just about any craft I decided to try and believe me there are a lot! I struggled to decide which direction I wanted my craft business to go and did a little of everything, selling on line and at craft shows but eventually decided to go back to my roots and create things for children, specifically room décor so here we are!

The main craft business is The Little Crafty Cottage but within that is the nursery décor under the name Little Grey Goose. For now I shall be only doing nursery décor but I will eventually get back to other crafts and when I do, they too will be for sale here.

Well done if you made it this far!



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We also sell an exclusive range of the very popular Pixelhobby UK craft kits. Based on our own cross stitch designs, these are easy to complete kits that make a fun and colourful end product. We offer 2 sizes in all our designs - XL and small.



We will soon also be selling a wide range of hand crafted items including needle felting, embroidery, fabric makes, crochet and painted wooden items. We also sell a small range of craft kits from other suppliers for you to make.

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If you have any questions about our products then please send us an e-mail to debbie@thelittlecraftycottage.co.uk