About The Little Crafty Cottage

Welcome to The Little Crafty Cottage!


This is my little tale of how the company has evolved over the years to become what you see today!


Growing up I attended a rather stark and drab boarding school and as a shy and home loving child I missed the comforts of home and felt miserable and lonely. Once I left school and then home I decided I wanted to buy beautiful handmade products that provided colour, texture and warmth to help create a cosy and inviting living space, even if it was just a bedroom in someone else's house when I worked as a live-in nanny!


A few years later I bought my very first, rather large, cross stitch kit and couldn't have chosen a more complicated design but, I was hooked! I went on to design and develop my own range of patterns and Fat Cat Cross Stitch was born!

As years went by I discovered and tried various different crafts and decided I wanted to create some loveliness for other people to buy and that's when The Little Crafty Cottage made it's appearance. Although I dabble in a lot of different crafts for now I am concentrating on embroidery, needle felting and fabric makes of various kinds.


 I hope that you will find something that will help turn your house in to a home too!



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Cross Stitch

The cross stitch part of the business has evolved over the years so now we only sell children's kits - very easy designs on 6 count Binca for young children and slightly harder (but still easy!) designs on 11 count Aida for older or more experienced children - plus very simple designs for adults on 11 count Aida, aimed at those with visual and dexterity issues that mean regular designs are too complicated or the fabric holes too small.

All kits contain, fabric, needle, wool or thread, a colour chart, easy to follow instructions, thread key and cover with colour photo. Once completed your kit can be framed, set in a hoop or, if you are handy with a sewing needle, combined with fabric to make cushion covers, pennants, bunting or anything else you can think of!



We also sell an exclusive range of the very popular Pixelhobby UK craft kits. Based on our own Easy Peasy cross stitch designs, these are easy to complete kits that make a fun and colourful end product. We offer 2 sizes in all our designs - XL and small.



We will soon also be selling a wide range of hand crafted items including needle felting, embroidery, fabric makes, crochet and painted wooden items. We also sell a small range of craft kits from other suppliers for you to make.

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If you have any questions about our products, or want to find a local stockist of our Fat Cat Cross Stitch kits then please send us an e-mail to debbie@thelittlecraftycottage.co.uk